Following is a partial list of people we love because they love. These are folks who have donated time, money, talent, and/or sweat to helping MOYO provide malnourished children with live saving MANA therapeutic peanut butter. It makes us feel pretty warm and fuzzy to look at this list of friends, family, and complete strangers. Whether we've met you yet or not, we're a virtual team, a force for good, a love posse. How cool is that.

Thank you.



Jan Crosbie-Taylor
Mary Gaston
Devon Bertram
Gary Skidmore
Peter Rose
Stephen Grace
Breanna DiGiammarino
MeiMei Fox
Troy Hickerson
Jill Shanmugasundaram
Shayna Abraham
Andrea Lake
Scott Brown
Matthew Rossana
Reuben Stahl
Minde Herbert
Robert Konves
Jenni Klock Morel
Jeff and Allison Mount
Janice Soderberg
Angie Leonhard
Elizabeth McGhee
Bobette S. Siegel
Donna Childree Gotlib
Pierce Peter Brandt
Megan Dawson
Melissa Anderson
Shelley Huisman-Putnam
Tree Andrew
Kim Jenkins
Brienne McKay
Diana Boyer
Curtis Monts
Dennis Halfpenny
Jen Sheridan
Timothy Maxwell
Richard Beckman
Maria Zellar Maxim
Sara Leeper
Suzanne Wight
Cliff and Sharon Leve
Christa Curtin Savala
Susan Beckman
Krissy Pozatek
Stahl and Son Farms
Patricia Houmdi
Loren Howell
Mike Ervin
Mark Toghill
Makayla Harrell
William Cook
Judith Johnson
John Toth
Dayna Reed
Nanette Zumwalt
Richard B. Williams Jr.
Lee W. McLendon
Natalie Lanier
Matthew Knights
Heather Tracy
Jennifer Swift
Wendy Drinkwater
Beth Laughlin
Chris Sonia
Mike Ciacco
Craig Beckman
Matt Beckman
Ryan Van Doozer
Brian Doubleday
Jill Anderson
Court Leve

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